SELF II, operating since 1989, is a training and development company providing mostly in-house trainings for companies in the field of psychology and communication skills and consultation on the management of people. In the early years of its activities (1989-1992), SELF II focused primarily on organizing training courses of social skills for entrepreneurs.

Th. Gordon's effectiveness training methods that were acquired in 1992 made it possible to diversify the offered range of courses. In 1995, Karin Hango and Vahur Murutar were granted the right to organize psychotherapy courses and use methods of psychodrama in their work with teams.

In the same year, a cooperation agreement was signed with Fontes PMP with a view of offering customers the services of personnel selection and appraisal in addition to training and consultation.

The major project of 1997 was the training course for social skills trainers. The trainees who passed the 300-hour program acquired the knowledge and skills of social skills trainer. A number of more successful graduates are today employed as trainers at SELF and have been awarded the certificate of social skills trainer by the Estonian Social Skills Trainers Union.

Since 1998, the company has been focusing on long-term development projects. At the request of our clients service and sales manuals have been compiled and demonstration videos prepared. 

In 1999, SELF II was granted the licence by the Ministry of Education for founding SELF Private School that has been operating since 2000. It was also in 2000 that a number of new courses in self-analysis and self-management for managers were developed.

In 2001 some new products, e.g. the training of meeting skills and training of trainers were developed further. Stress management trainings were in big demand.

Management skills trainings were most common in 2003. Almost 25 per cent out of 276 training days were conducted for CEOs and mid-level managers.

In 2004 SELF II developed very rapidly. The number of training days was approximately 300 and the annual turnover was more than 6 million EEKs. Another group of social skills trainers graduated SELF Private school.

The new strategy towards developing consultation projects alongside training products was worked out in 2005. In the spring of 2005 six trainers were awarded the 5th (highest) or 4th rank of qualification of trainers by the Estonian Professions Chamber.