SELF II’s development camp | 08 Aug 16, self

As a tradition, on the first Thursday and Friday of August our team got together.

To start off, we sorted out our team: who is where and where they want to be, why we are, what do we want to keep, what we need more of and what would we want to give away.

We also looked at our numbers (statistics) and mapped in detail the journey of our client and looked for activities for experimenting so our clients would be taken care of even better.

A traditional book club also took place, we discussed fresh and important books for us. On the second day we tested ourselves mentally and physically. Küllike Lillestik held a TRE exercise workshop (TRE offers first assistance to relieve stress and tension) and the camp was ended with another guest, Liis Orav and her lecture „How to protect and feed your brain?“.

It is inspiring to see that we are still interesting to each other and that there is so much worth learning and discovering in the world.
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