Endel Hango

Trainer and consultant with more than 10 years of experience in team-leading and people development, certified and appreciated practioner in active methods and group leadership.


“In my experience, while being a new leader or a manager, developing people- management skills is a critical competence for success. Fitting into the new role can be rather stressful, but I can assure that learning the needed skills can also be enjoyable. This is what we want to offer for managers and leaders who for some reason cannot train themselves within their own organisation or alongside their own collegues.”

Agne Puusaar

Experienced trainer with 20 years of personal management and leadership practice, certified adults’ trainer and group leader, has long-term involvement in developing new managers.


“My experience says that the most challenging task that a new manager will face is the change of focus in their minds: from problem-solving and getting-things-done to concious relationship-building and development. Usually, one also needs to develop their people skills, but more importantly – to change their attitudes and habits. An inspiring challenge for me is to support someone in the process of starting to think as a leader!”