(with video feedback)

The aim of the training is to psychologically prepare participants to communicate with clients in varied work situations. 
As the result of the training the participants can better analyze their own and their clients' behaviour and choose more effective communication strategies, that help create better possibilities for long- term customer relations. The participants will be given an overview of the modern customer- service conceptions and they can learn from their colleagues' experience. 

  • what is customer-service, the notion of customer service and the skills, values and attitudes of a good customer-servant
  • the social role of a customer-servant, its functions and typical situations in customer service
  • the skill of making psychological contact as the bases of trusting customer relation
  • the importance of verbal and non-verbal self-expression in services; noticing and responding to eye- contact, pose, distance etc., in creating trusting customer relations
  • using the effects of first impression and final impression in relations
  • the peculiarities of the phone-contact; effective communication over the phone
  • assertiveness and attitudes in customer service
  • clear self-expression and active listening in customer relations
  • how to map your client's expectations, problems and needs and how to conduct conversation by using the techniques of active listening
  • the possible ways of solving conflicts in customer service; how to handle conflicts
  • communication with a problem client
The training is very practical and includes group discussions, demos, interactive lectures, role-plays and video feedback. 

Course materials for everyone.

The training lasts for 8 academic hours per day, the suggested duration is 2 consecutive days (16 hours).

For groups of 7-12 persons.