The aim of the leadership management trainings is to prepare participants for managerial positions, to find possibilities for applying management theories in practice and to learn how to put one's own ideas into practice through communication.
The complete program of the theoretical- practical management training consists of six 2-day modules.

The impact of the training is deeper and the results last longer if all six modules are taken:
I Module: Management of Relations - social skills in management
II Module: Personnel Involvement and Influencing
III Module: Personnel Development
IV Module: Team Management
V Module: Management of Changes in an Organization
VI Module: Self-management

The modules can also be taken as separate trainings. In this case the suggested duration of the training is 2+1 days, i.e. the 2-day main training should be followed by an additional training day in 2 to 4 weeks time.

The training methods include short interactive lectures, self-analysis exercises, role-playing, group discussions, video feedback.

The participants will be given home tasks for enhancing their acquired skills after the training.

Course materials for all participants. Certificates after each module.

For groups of 7-12 people.

In addition to the above-mentioned modules we also offer trainings in more specific management areas, e.g. delegating, development interviews, goal-setting, decision-making, coaching, interviewing, using competences, effective meeting skills.