(with video feedback)

The aim of the training is to broaden the participants' knowledge of the concept and characteristics of salesmanship and to raise their competence in selling.

As the result of the training the participants' readiness to sell will increase and this will help create better possibilities for long-term customer relations. The participants will also acquire useful selling techniques and social skills that help them feel more comfortable in critical selling situations.

The training is unique because connections are created between the result- and customer-oriented sales process, its councelling nature and, the skills and competences that are used in practice.


  • the concept of sales and its different approaches
  • the sales process as a whole, its stages
  • the role of a salesperson, its functions; how the role protects and why we need switching over
  • how to make contact and build and develop long-term and trustful customer relations
  • how to find out your customer's needs and problems by using active listening techniques
  • product or service promotion with the view to your customer's needs, how to relate your product to the profit the customer will get
  • persuasive selling arguments and managing resistance in sales process
  • communication with a "problem" customer, how to respond to aggressions and manipulations

The suggested duration of the training is 2+1 days (2 successive days + 1 day in approximately three weeks time), 24 academic hours.

Methods used: short lectures, group discussions, brainstorms, role plays, practical exercises (including video feedback).

For groups of 7-12 people.

Course materials for participants.