The aim of the training is to develop the participants' self-analysis and self-management skills that will help them become more themselves, find harmony in their roles and raise their self-esteem. The participants will feel more closely that they control their life and like it.

As the result of the training the participants will better understand their different roles and can give them more suitable shapes. They will feel more encouraged to set new challenging goals and reach them (with the help of other people).


  • What am I and what I might become?
  • How I function with different people in my different roles and relationships and how satisfied I am?
  • What keeps me from being like I would want to be and take actions as effectively as I would like?
  • How I react to tension and pressure (in case my different roles require different conduct)?
  • What makes me move?
  • What is important for me and to what direction do I move?

Expected results:

  • the clarity of seeing oneself and the world will increase, the speed of making choices will grow and the choices made will become more appropriate
  • the participants will see themselves and their professional roles more clearly
  • they will be more aware of their wishes and notice more possibilities for their development and increasing their input at work
  • the participants will learn to find ways to improve their work environment and will not be inclined to complaining

Basic concepts:

  • a person has the right and responsibility of making choices and be in charge of his own life
  • each person can influence corporate culture and the influence is important for avoiding repeatedly occurring shortcomings
  • acting together with other people gives opportunity to give and get important feedback for developing oneself and other people
  • for retaining the level of energy it is important not to follow other people's wishes but regard oneself as a choice-maker, decision-maker, influencer, creator

Interactive short lectures, group-discussions, brainstorms, self-analysis exercises, creative exercises.

Effectiveness training (Th. Gordon)
Different approaches to roles. (M. Clayton, J. L. Moreno et al.)
S. Covey's concept of proactive person

For groups of 7-12 people. The training lasts for 2 (+1) days.

Course materials and certificates to participants.