The aim of the course is to develop the participants' councelling skills.

As the result of the course the participants will get an overview of the role of the councellor, can set councelling objectives and goals for the councelling process and will acquire basic councelling skills.


  • the role of the councellor
  • the structure and the stages of the councelling process
  • councelling skills:
    • how to make psychological contact and trustful relationship with the client
    • listening and interviewing skills
    • confronting
    • how to deal with resistance
  • client's typical restrictions and obstacles in development
  • conflicts and problems in councelling, how to solve them
  • councellor's self-analyses and how to avoid burn- out

The course lasts for 24 hours for two times (2 days + 1 day).

For groups of 7-12 people.

Main methods: short lectures, self-analysis exercises, group discussions, role-plays, short case-studies.

Study materials and certificates for participants.