Assertiveness Training

(with video feedback) 

The aim of the training is to develop the assertiveness skills and assertive mindset of the participants, facilitate win/win attitudes.

As the result of the training the participants will considerably improve their assertiveness skills. They will be more capable of analyzing their own and their partner’s behaviour and of choosing more effective ways of communication and interaction. The participants will acquire the basic techniques of assertiveness and skills of how to feel more comfortable while communicating with an aggressive or manipulative partner.


  • stages of communication; how to evoke interest and make psychological contact
  • the socio-psychological basics of assertiveness
  • the competence of influencing others, direct and indirect influence
  • submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • the basic techniques of assertiveness, clear self- expression and active listening, coping with resistance
  • using active listening to clarify your partner’s expectations
  • persuading and saying no
  • changing somebody´s behaviour, positive and negative feedback
  • typical ways of manipulation, responding to manipulation and aggression

The training lasts for 2 following days.

Methods: Short theoretical lectures, handouts, discussions, brainstorms, exercises (with video feedback) and analyses.

For groups of 7 to 12 people.