Training of People Development Skills

The aim of the training is to develop the participants’ people development skills.

In our approach to people development we are based on non-directive and client-centered principles of humanistic psychology, incl. following beliefs:

–       every person has resources to understand and develop himself / herself;

–       the use of these resources can be developed and supported with skillful counselling (as a leader, as a mentor or coach).

We refer to the well-known and time-proven theories of C. Rogers, J.L. Moreno, Th. Gordon as well as of contemporary authors like P. McKenna, D. Maister, M. Kets De Vries e.g

The area of trainings in people development include:

–       training of mentoring skills

–       training of coaching skills

–       training for developmental conversations for leaders (1-on-1 conversations, regular appraisal or performance reviews etc)

–       training for skills for group supervison or for leading the peer-coaching sessions

Common topics in the trainings:

  • the role of developing people
  • the structure and the stages of the development process
  • people development skills:
    • how to build psychological contact and trustful relationship with the client
    • active listening and interviewing skills
    • goal setting and process planning
    • how to deal with resistance
    • how to follow up
  • common obstacles to development
  • developer’s self-analyses and self-care

These trainings are meant for groups of 8-12 participants.

Main methods in the training:

short lectures, self-analysis exercises, group discussions, role-plays, demonstrations, short case-studies, coaching exercises.

We provide study materials.

Our graduates receive official certificates.