Leadership Training

The aim of the leadership trainings is to prepare participants psychologically for leader´s position and to develop their leadership skills.


  • Leaders´ role. Expectations for leaders
  • Basics of leadership. Areas of leadership and management. Leadership capabilities.
  • Asserting oneself as a leader.
  • Basic leadership skills (building and developing relationships, clear self-expression, active listening).
  • Practical training of leadership skills with video feedback (based on the participants´ cases)
  • Delegating responsibility in motivating way
  • Feedback
  • People development, principles of non-directive development in leadership.
  • Benefits of the regular one-on-one leadership conversations and practical tips for conducting them.
  • Team leadership
  • Leadership in changing environment.
  • Self-leadership.
  • Time management. Difference between the specialist’s and leader’s roles from the perspective of time management.
  • EQ, managing emotions and stress.

The training methods include short interactive lectures, self-analysis exercises, role-playing, group discussions, video feedback.

The participants will be given home tasks for enhancing their acquired skills after the training.

Whole programme lasts 3×2 days.

For groups of 7-12 people.