Negotiation Skills Training

(with video feedback)

The aim of the training is to prepare the participants for preparing for negotiations and negotiating, to develop their assertiveness skills in negotiation process and facilitate the win-win attitude.

As the result of the training the participants are able to better prepare for negotiations and behave in an assertive way in the course of the negotiations. The behavioural skills acquired will help them feel more comfortable and less anxious (more creative) in the process of negotiations. As a result of the training the participants will be capable of analyzing their own and their negotiations partners´ behaviour and of choosing more effective ways of communication and interaction.


  • preparing for negotiations, compiling an algorithm
  • different styles of negotiating
  • psychological contact as the basis of effective negotiations (stages of communication, how to make and keep contact; non-verbal behaviour and the importance of first impression)
  • clear self-expression, assertiveness in negotiations
  • how to clarify your partner’s positions and expectations, how to work with conflicting needs using active listening techniques
  • resistance and opposition, how to handle them
  • how to reach working and reliable agreements
  • win- win attitude at negotiations, how to deal with manipulation
  • typical mistakes that negotiators make

The training lasts for 2 days.

Methods used: Short theoretical lectures, group-discussions, demos, brainstorms, exercises (with video) and analyses.

For groups of 7 to 12 people.