At the beginning of May we participated in the FEPTO conference „Fame and Shame“ in Bonn, where the transgenerational effect (the ways traumas pass on from generation to generation) of breaking historical events was studied.

Untold stories are always associated with wars and disasters and these stories remain to affect descendants. The conference was experimental, the workshops were not titled and the substance was mostly created by the participants themselves.

The conference was followed by a 4-day annual meeting „Who shall survive?“, which was highlighted for us by the acceptance of SELF II’s foundation Psychodrama Institute as a member. This was preceded by a year-long process of getting to know one another, which ended with our presentation during the Agora. FEPTO is an upstanding and very much alive affiliation of training organisations, this fact was proven by the last day of the annual meeting, when conflicts involving the new board were solved by using action methods. Our Institute is the forty fifth training organisation in FEPTO.

Within the annual meeting Vahur Murutar led a workgroup, which dealt with advocating psychodrama methods among leaders, HR people and politicians. The goal was to initialize development projects on that subject. Karin Hango participated in the workgroup of developing organisations and Endel Hango led the workgroup of developing training.