From April 17 to19 the Nordic Board of Examiners, which arranges the examination and certification of trainers using action methods and sociometry, met in Riga.

This year, in addition the annual meeting we arranged a meeting of the teaching staff, which was led by SELF’s Vahur Murutar with Eduardo Verdu to formulate the organisation’s values and vision. The participants felt that the most important in developing is to rely on openness, trust and responsibility.

Using the open room method, we discussed a lot of important topics for us regarding ensuring the quality of developing actions and ethics in the changing world. We discussed the so-called conserved attitudes regarding training and developing which may not be in accordance with the contemporary knowledge on people’s development. For further, we agreed on how to teach the marketing of development, what ROI means in development, and how to deal with problematic developer-candidates in a personal or ethical view.

 The options and preconditions became significantly clearer.