Already for years we have accentuated that especially in the conditions of change, emotions are the main driving power and one has to learn to manage them.It is known that managing starts with awareness and intentional choices. To improve ourselves in that area we arranged a training on FIRO for the SELF’s from 18 to 20 September. The training was carried out by Maija Ozolina Molokailima, a student of Will Schutz.According to W.Schutz all people have three Basic emotional needs: to feel important, competent and to be liked. During the training we learned to observe and understand ourselves and others in connection to those needs; to better understand the triggers and obstacles. All that to be a better master of our feelings and efficiently help others to develop productive co-operation. We also got acquainted with many good  tools and exercises and in the future we can help leaders find more appropriate ways to win employees’ trust, to engage and control them.