SELF II visited Portugal at the end of March. 

Firstly, three of us took part in the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisation’s (FEPTO) conference in Lisbon. The main work topics of the conference were adequately restlessness, creativity and transformation. Together with approximately 200 coaches from 22 countries, we took part in lectures about facilitating changes and discussed different change-related topics in workshops.  

After the conference we attended FEPTO’s annual meeting in Obidos together with 49 member organisations. SELF II’s foundation Psychodrama Institute was invited as a possible future member. The topic of this year’s meeting was “The core competencies of a psychodrama trainer: Differences and similarities in Europe”. We chose 9 core competencies from the material prepared by work groups and studied them thoroughly. Each identified sub-competency was paired with specific metrics.

Days spent in Obidos allowed us to gain knowledge on FEPTO’s work groups’ activities and we are happy to contribute in both research and training work groups in the future.